About Mayur Soni

Mayur Soni is a well known writer, speaker and trainer from India. He is an author of art and science of public speaking book. His major subjects are mind training, public speaking, English speaking, Shreemad Bhagwat Geeta (the holy book of Hinduism) and 10 things for development (specially for youth). He is also founder of 0 to hero community in which he has trained more than 4000+ people in communication.


Skills are the weapons of genius. They can be learned , taught and mastered. To train, inspire and develop people of my nation to be their best.


To create and promote 10000 confident successful non -native speakers in English language.


Mayur is the most passionate English teacher I have come across. He taught an English speaking workshop in our Digital Speaking Academy to a large audience of non-native speakers and helped us all to feel more confident in speaking in English.
I would have absolutely no doubt recommending him to my friends and family.
Thank you Mayur for helping your student get motivated and grow!

Christine Frey

My Story

I was a student of Gujarati medium. When I went to another city for my higher education, I faced many hurdles and obstacles because of this language. 

I thought it would be over after my four years of engineering. But it became very difficult for me after my degree.

 I left three jobs in one month meanwhile I was not able to grab the proper opportunity for me. Then I realized it was only because of the lack of communication skill. 

I found the reason for myself and I started work behind my communication. And I have done well.