• 11 June, 2023
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What I am going to give you today is based on my own teaching of 4000+ students and reviewing them.

When Speaking English, the common mistake people make is to focus on collecting so much information from different resources like YouTube videos, spoken books, and many more things.

But you need better guidance to speak, not read, and just watch. You want Transformation, not Information.

So, when you focus on your speaking skills, try to explain your thoughts and knowledge in English. And as a beginner, always speak on common topics like your intro, family, food, and dreams. So you will gain confidence step by step.

I will explain the simplest way right now, right here.

Ever wondered why, after a long academic education, people are still not able to speak English? The reason is that whatever they learn in their education is in a subject-specific manner.

It was not in a linguistic manner.

For example, let me ask you a question: in your school or college, how many times do you get the chance to share your views in English on stage or in your class?

The answer will be one or twice, and maybe a big NO.

But talk about your mother tongue! You are very fluent in this.

Am I right? What is the reason? Because you have been performing your thoughts in this language since your childhood!

So does it take the same time to improve your English?

No! Not at all!

Your duty is to just convert your native things into non-native ones.

For example, in Gujarati, we say "kapda" and start to call it cloth, and "pankho and start to call it fan. And try to repeat this practice with many other things and form sentences.

In my success 0 to hero family, I guide my students in less than one month to reach their fluency.

Let me know if this is helpful.

Mayur's "Anatomy of the English Language" Soni

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