• 14 April, 2023
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English Speaking?  In 5 days? How is it possible? Can we speak fluently in five days?

This is a common question among people who see my advertisement for the Success 0 to Hero 5 Days of Speaking English program.

But the most important message they need to understand is the method of learning English.

Which method are you following to learn the English language? Are you on the right track? Are you able to speak English by following your thoughts?

If you’re not properly differentiated, your confusion will become more complex, and one day you will give up learning this language.

Let me give you my definition of a 0 to hero method: most people already have subjective knowledge of English but don’t understand what is stopping them from speaking it.

0 to hero is the fastest and easiest system to speak in English.

In the 0 to Hero 5 days class:

On the first day, I will introduce you to the technology through which you can understand what stops you from becoming a good English communicator.

You will learn about the programming of the mind, the three elements of speaking, and many more things to improve your speaking journey. This process will clear your mind of a lot of wrong perceptions that are responsible for your failure to speak.

On the second day, I will guide you on how to arrange words in English easily because words form sentences and sentences form paragraphs. So it is necessary to learn the organization of words to deliver your first speech effectively.

On the third day, I will guide you on how to ask questions of others and give answers confidently. You learn how to have healthy conversations, from where to start to how to end.

On the fourth day, I will show you how you can translate anything in minutes. Many people suffer from this problem. They can read but are not able to translate.

On the fifth day, I will guide you on how to use the TQSQ method and present yourself with great confidence.

Our students in the 0–hero course start to gain confidence from the first day.

It’s because they learn "Insights about what exactly is stopping them from speaking English. And from the very first day, they start to "Gain" in their speaking skills.

I call this insight-based leadership, as you learn the exact problem and then the leader from you comes out.

And we continue this insight-based leadership method where people get new insights about the problems they have been facing so far.

This is how you easily remove your fears and frustrations and become a leader instead of looking for wrong perceptions in your mind.

Mayur Soni

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