Why should you invest in mentors?

Why should you invest in Mentors?

Mohit Sharma was my first mentor in Communication.

I met him in 2010 at his office, when I very badly wanted to leave engineering and wanted to give my full focus on communication. He suggested not to quit engineering and told me to work for his online channel and make free videos for him. I started to invest my time and money to make videos for him without any payout. I was 19 then.

He said to me that he was earning money by using his communication skill and you also for yourself.

That’s all I needed to hear. I started to explore on my own and even though I was challenged, I tried my level best. It was a struggle as I had to balance my study with desire.

I kept falling for years, but what kept me going was the fact that I knew Mohit had already succeeded. He would tell me what’s working for him and I would copy some of his methods and do some for myself.

Eventually, I got my break with my first Event – I earned 1800rs for it.

If Mohit didn’t motivate me that idea, I would’ve been still stuck up at confusion


That’s the value of mentors. They give you new ideas.

You now have new ideas on your head because of the posts I have been writing here.

In my coaching programs, we have taken it another step ahead. I will not only give you new ideas but will make sure that you act on them. We will personally review all the work you do.

And, we’ve also put together a powerful group of people, all working towards similar goals. this multiplies everyone’s effectiveness exponentially.

You’ve people who are just starting out with English Speaking and who are looking to grow fast. Everyone learns from each other and everyone wins.

But here’s the thing you need to consider before you invest in a mentor: – Make a commitment to become the #1 student of your mentor. It literally guarantees your success.

Just because we are mentors right now, doesn’t mean that it was easy for us 10 years back, I sucked at writing and speaking back at those performances, I feel awful.

Every master was once a disaster. But we have made the mistakes, taken the arrows in our back and are giving to you the fastest way to become a champion English Speaker.

But, the question is, will you invest to get more for yourself?

For you to become a English Master,

Mayur Soni

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