The Circle of beyond Reality!

I have recently completed the book “Steve Jobs”. Since I heard the name of this person I didn’t know why I was so inspired. But the secret has unrevealed and today I want to share it with you.

Steve was considered to be the most talented person after Einstein. And I was searching, what was making him different from others! When I studied it deeply, I found that he was the kind of person who was able to create the “circle of beyond reality”. It means he was so able to think beyond the limits.

For an example when he did deal with “Gorilla glass” for the iPhone with the Chinese company, the owner of that company said they stopped making gorilla glass in 1960. Steve told him to do it for them in six months! Owner replied it’s impossible (Present- Reality). Steve suddenly got angry and said how can you say impossible? It can happen in six months (Future- unreality). I have trust in you. You people can do it before six months.

The owner took the challenge. They prepared a brand new factory and started their work without thinking too much. Among all the surprises they have done and completed their project before six months for apple!

 The owner was still surprised about how it all happened.

The reason was that Steve was able to believe in something in which the majority of people were not, that was the reason that many people had disputes with him and were harassed by his nature. After people realized it was the “circle of beyond reality” which Steve was able to see.

I want you to think and believe like Steve jobs. Today I want you to think beyond your circle of reality.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Start to learn English language from today and put yourself in the future where you will be able to communicate in English confidently. If you don’t know how to start just post your email in comment and allow me to teach you how.

Let’s build the circle beyond reality!

Mayur “circle of beyond reality” Soni

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