The Big Bull Rule

Good Stories have the power to create an extraordinary effect if we are able to nurture them with the proper essence of explanation. There are many great stories that have the power to create the effect and The Harshad Mehta story is a big and current example of it.

The scam 1992 Harshad Mehta story has now become a very popular and vastly discussed topic in every level of communication. How a common Gujarati lower-middle-class person who didn’t have any shares market background controlled the whole market with his powerful communication skill and burning desire to create history.

Here I don’t want to talk about whether he was right or wrong but I want you to learn the power of communication which helped him to lead in the market and made himself the “Big bull” of the share market.

Dream: Harshad was a guy from a lower-middle-class family. His father’s business was lost and they were suffering to create a consistent income for them. Harshad wanted to solve all their financial problems and he was looking for the opportunity to create their own venture. By following his dreams and desires he got the fruitful thought to enter the share market. He settled for small and started to do a broker job, In the beginning, he was a very good student and learned all the alpha-beta of the share market.

1st lesson: Anything can start from the bottom, you just need a desire to do something better. No worry if you are at a zero, a good student can be a hero!

Action: Harshad was very aware that he was zero in the market but he had something which other people didn’t. He knew very well that what he was doing? and why he was doing it? he wanted to create history. He made friends in the beginning and worked for the work, not for the money. He wanted money to work for him. He was so passionate that his ego never stopped him from learning something new.

2nd lesson: Dream is not enough to get success. The dream and action should be parallel. If the opportunity comes then don’t waste time to think more. As a beginner never expect a return. Always look for the work and never allow your ego to hurt yourself otherwise it can harm your ambition. If we don’t look at the falls of Harshad and only follow his beginning strategy to build his empire then it can be a great management skill to learn and become the best.

Opportunity: Harshad has spent a very good time in learning the shares market and also he understood the roots of it properly. Now he was looking for the opportunity to start up his venture. He opened his own account and started trading at his own risk. Harshad did well in the beginning but sudden falls in the market put him in tragedy. His account was blocked and he didn’t have the money to invest but he had the mind to think something beyond the problems. He started his own firm “Growmore” as a broker and became “Dariya of Dalal ganj”.

3rd Lesson: learn the skills to implement at the right opportunity. Don’t worry about the setbacks. “Hard times always bring new opportunities”. Don’t play the blame game! instead of blaming and talking about problems you also need to have the mindset to think beyond the problem because every problem comes with a new opportunity. remember the dialogue “success kya hai? failure ke bad ka Naya chapter!

Expert: Growmore was doing fantastic. Harshad’s advice to his clients was doing miracles. Harshad was doing a lot of research on investment. He built up his resources to get the information out from the companies and their financial deals. And with the powerful research and calculation, he was giving advice to his clients.

4th lesson: if you learn something it doesn’t mean you become an expert. Experts always do proper research and practice. it’s a continuous process to become the best. you can not live at the top but you stay at the top by updating yourself daily.

Be your Own: His research and calculations started to pay his clients a lot of value and with their success, he was also getting results on his way of direction. Now Harshad was in favor of success. He wanted to go for not more actually he wanted to drive the market in his own way but he forgot he couldn’t become the permanent driver.

Harshad was a star and his confidence was at a peak. Now he was interested in something big and convinced the banks to follow his theory and with the support of banks, he started to play in a market with the money of banks but in reality as we know banks don’t have their own money they have the money of the public. Indirectly Harshad was playing with the money of the public and he was confident enough to get out the profit. However, it was against the policy. His deals awaken some giant eyes onto him and the genius becomes the prisoner.

5th lesson: skills have the power to make you a king. You can create a difference in your life and others. Publically impossible can be possible by your own skill. and when you do it, people see you as a genius, magician, Big Bull, etc. But don’t become what they call you, otherwise it will become very difficult to prove yourself best always as happened with Harshad Mehta.


I have specially prepared these lessons to help you to learn how you can relate your journey with the most famous man in the BSE market. Accept the do’s and be aware of don’ts.  Besides character Harshad is also a great example of ambition and expertise.  a man with ambition can build a lot of expertise to achieve what he wants.

Are you going to use these lessons in your journey?

Tell me in the comments!

Mayur” The Big Bull Rule” soni

Credit: Scam 1992 Harshad Mehta story by Hanshal Mehta





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