Today I want to share The 3E formula for your success in speaking English. As a native speaker it becomes very difficult for us to speak in a non native language.

Because as we have learnt in our school and college, There was no atmosphere for us to speak in this language. But now as the world is growing digitally in a large way. We have to learn this language to become a proper communicator at job, business, study etc.

​I understand this problem very well because I suffered from this. But it is a learnable skill. With the proper method and right way of effort we can master this language.

So today I want to share the triple E formula with you to master this language which helped me and my students a lot and it will also work for you 100%.

1st E: The first “E” stands for the excitement. As a good learner first you need to develop proper excitement for this language. Come out from your comfort zone and just give some time to your mind to understand the importance of this language for you.

​For example : Just try to think right now, if you can speak English confidently from this moment. How much productivity will you feel in your life? Will you find more opportunities for finance and standard in your life? Try to think about it. Write all the thoughts that come to your mind. Then at the end make one mission statement.

Ex. “ I am going to master English language skill in 3 months. You will feel excited to learn this language.

2nd E: The second “E” stands for Effectiveness. After creating excitement for this language your duty is to be “Effective”. It means your mind should be more alert to grasp English words from the atmosphere. Try to understand pronunciation, pitching, meaning etc. Also try to form sentences using those words.

​For an example: If I heard the word “procrastination” what would I do? I will search for the meaning of this word. You can simply friend on google by just writing in search. You can also hear the pronunciation of that word there. I will find my answer “procrastination” means “to ignore or delay” something. Now try to form sentence Ex. I procrastinate get up early in the morning.

3rd E: 3rd “E” stands for Efficiency. You need to repeat this activity for a certain period of time. Because as we know nothing happens overnight. Your efficiency will 100% pay you the results. There is no other rocket science to learn this language rather than following this 3E rule.

​Wish you Success!

​If the 3E rule is helpful to you then please reply. I will love to answer your comments.


Mayur “THE 3E RULE” Soni

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