Not to take a risk is the biggest risk!

Today, I want to share the fundamental of investing in you. And if we procrastinate the investment on ourselves, how much it can harm us? Before I tell you the cost of not taking action I’d like to tell you that I also went through the same situation.

I was a good learner and observer from my childhood but there was a problem with me that I was thinking too much to invest in trainings to improve myself. After wasting many years in thinking, One day I decided to invest on myself to learn the secrets of Communication industry. It was a 14 days program and the cost was 2, 00,000.

At that time I was not earning more than 20,000 per month. So it was tough to me but I didn’t want to waste my time any more. I joined that training in 13 monthly installments. Today, I feel it was the best decision of mine.

Because I didn’t focus on my earning 20,000 a month but I focused on the loss which I was having. Let’s understand behind the psychology why people procrastinate? See, when people don’t know about how much cost they are paying not to do the work? Let me give you an example; -If I have the capability to earn 2 lacks per month and I am only earning 20,000 so it means I am losing 1,80,000 per month by not just investing on myself.

The moment you become aware of “XYZ” will happen if you don’t take action your mind becomes alert and instantly you will be able to take action. You can use “The Cost of Not Taking Action” exercise with anything, such as your English Speaking goal. Many people are having big troubles at their workplace because of lack of English Speaking skill. Problem is that people forget their dreams and desires. If you are aware of your dreams and desires I can guarantee you that you’ll no more be a procrastination expert.

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Mayur “The Cost of Not Taking Action” Soni

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