Looking Back at 2018

Jan 23, 2018 (Chaos, Pain)

This was the day I decided I will never do a seminar again in my life. There were more than 600+ attendees for the seminar. Preparations have been going on for more than 20 days and I was looking forward to the event. But, what transpired during the seminar was completely unexpected.

The seminar started at 4.30 pm and within 15 minutes of the presentation, there was chaos. The content was highly theoretical and practical but there was a problem with auditorium. It was underground. So whatever I was speaking it was coming back to me.

There were a lot of disturbing comments from the attendees. I didn’t notice the disturbing comments and went ahead to pitch my content. When I finally realized what had happened, it had already gone beyond damage control. When the seminar was over, we had only 1 Sale of 50rs product. I had put my heart and soul into the presentation and it took me more than a week to even realize what was wrong with the seminar.

There was just so much pain and depression as the efforts we had put in for close to 3 weeks was completely wasted. It took me the entire month of January to come out of it. But little did I know that this month of Chaos and pain had the potential to change the entire course of 2020 for me. April 2020 (Creation)After all the chaos and pain, it took me close to a month to put together my knowledge. This is the period when I got the idea for my Unique Concept “0 to hero course”. Before, I was doing my offline training. I saw that people aren’t able to learn the English speaking skill to create more opportunities for them. This is when I created my “0 to hero 5 days WhatsApp class” practical speaking English program to overcome their difficulties.

By this program, they get the confidence and learning to present their English speeches on camera in less than 5 days of training. Even they just start to deliver their task by the 1st session of less than 1 hour. Armed with the new “Unique Concept” and a brand new presentation, so far I did more than 20 batches of this program and trained more than 1500+ students in this concept. But the thing I am most proud of is the confidence and way of speaking my students are able to create with their own efforts and the months and years of time they are able to save. And, we have several students who are able to get great life time results because of the principles they have learned in the master class .All with a system that’s 80% Practical, 20% theory

Thanks to all the students who have taken part in the “0 to hero 5 days WhatsApp class” the fastest system to learn Speaking English.

Mayur “Looking Back at 2018” Soni.

Lookin in the past

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