5 reasons of Speaking English

My story of English

I was a student of Gujarati medium. When I went another city for my higher education, I faced many hurdles and obstacles because of this language. I thought it will over after my four years of engineering. But it became very difficult for me after my degree. I left three jobs in a month meanwhile I was not able to grab the proper opportunity for me. Then I realized it was only because of the lack of communication skill. I found the reason for myself and I started to work behind my communication. And I have done well. Here I am sharing 5 reasons that why should you learn English language?

The first reason: We all are in the era of digitization. This world is connected virtually via communication and technology. And the global medium of this connection is English language. Because of this lock down you can see how rapidly people are leading at digital platform. If you want to do the same for yourself then you have to have the knowledge of this English language.

Second reason: Now the judgments of our supreme and lower courts are also done in English language. Even the prisoners cannot escape without learning English. You will see the influence of this language everywhere! And if you want to influence others by your knowledge and talent, this language will help you at global platform.

The third reason: English will also not leave you after your marriage because nowadays most of the parents want to train their children in English but they don’t. It is not because of financial problems but they don’t know English language themselves. This anxiety disturbs them.

Fourth reason: If a person will not learn English now, then going forward he will have to face a very big generation gap with his/her own children i.e. the differences between the ideas of the old generation and the new generation.You may have worked hard in your life but your new generation will only understand you by your current knowledge. (To understand this more you can watch the movie, “English Vinglish” of Sridevi)

Fifth reason: Be your own enemy. If you not change with the time, time will change your condition. It will shorten your development and take you away from you.After reading these 5 reasons, if it seems that you should learn English, start today. Remember “god only helps them who help themselves”.If any reason relates with you, you can simply type as I typed my name. And if you have any special reason you can share in comments.

Mayur “5 reasons” Soni

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