Hard Time Always Brings New Opportunities!

In life, there are several periods when we feel stuck. We don’t find the way that what to do and how to come out from the stress zone. I passed from this zone many times in my life and the best part is that every time I come up with new strength and power.

In 2017 with the dream of 7 institutes, we have opened another branch of success education. I was so excited to achieve that dream. Every day I was doing 70 km up-down by my second hand Maruti ritz and bus.

In the 1st year during the period of vacation, we have invested around about 2.5 lacs Rs in the marketing and got revenue of 2.35 lacs. It was a straight loss but we were in the hope that with the proper service and results will be able to get the good growth.

However, after the 8 months of struggling things were not going well. We have done several market analyses and tried a lot of new things to do the best but in the end, the results were not in our favour.

After a year we realized that somehow our dream to open new 7 institutes was crashing.

Things became even worst when the time of Diwali came. I was behind 4 rents of my institute of 9000 Rs and also a salary of a team member.

Still me and my brother was only discussing the right opportunities. I don’t know how many times we repeated this line which I want to share with you if you are passing through difficulties “Hard time always brings new opportunities”.

This line was our favourite! Still, we were at the condition to close that institute. After the 2 years of losses and struggle, We had to close that institute.

We felt our dream has collapsed!

So does our dream collapse?

No, not at all. In the past 7 or 8 months, we travelled in whole the Gujarat. More than 15 lacs people have seen our ad. 3000 people have successfully joined the 0 to Hero community.

We are in now almost every district of this state.

Do our Dream come true to open 7 institutes?

What we have achieved is higher than that dream.

But “Picture Abhi Baki Hai mere Dost”. There are a lot more to come.

Nature will test you.

The society will test you.

Just to see how determined your “resolve” is.

I’m here to tell you that we are on this journey together now.

You can do this.

You will take things to the finish line.

You are not alone.

Just stay connected.

Stay focused.

And you will move from one peak to the next.

I’m going to touch 1,000 paid members in my masterclass community.

My next peak is 10K within 3 years.

And then 10k happy family members!

That’s the vision.

Let’s do this together.

Wish you success!

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Mayur “Hard time always brings new opportunities” Soni

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