Archana achieved her goal of Speaking English in one month

Archana Vasani is a commerce teacher in Bhuj(Gujarat). She was a student of Guajarati medium and wanted to learn English to support her son. She was facing a lot of difficulties because of English language. She tried a lot but she was not getting the result. She had a deep fear of speaking in English. 


Mayur Soni

Mayur Soni is a well known writer, speaker and trainer from India. He is an author of art and science of public speaking book. His major subjects are mind training, public speaking, English speaking, Shreemad Bhagwat Geeta (the holy book of Hinduism) and 10 things for development (specially for youth). He is also founder of 0 to hero community in which he has trained more than 4000+ people in communication.

Do You Want To Learn The Formula That Helped Archana to Make her dream true As a good speaker in English?