Use of Mind Power In Speaking English

Mind Power In Speaking English

It was around 3 years ago. I was learning mind power. There has been lot of examples in my life related to law of attraction. So I decided to take a special training of mind power. It took me to around 2 years of practice and more than 50 books.

I learnt deeply there is always kind of inner voice and outer voice inside us which tell us to perform many actions in our life. In simple words, whatever we are just because of the game of inner and outer words.For e.g. People don’t want to buy games and activities for their kids (Their Outer Words). They want to make their kids use less of Smart Phones and TV and want them to become a genius ( Inner Words). For e.g. people don’t want to leave their jobs (Their outer words).

They want to start their own business (inner voice)These Inner Words are nothing but a skill that they either want themselves or for others.When you coin these Inner Words in the right way, it will become your Unique Skiing Proposition.For e.g. We use the words “0 to hero speaking English formula” in our course and it has made us more than 2500+ students.

Its because we put the Inner Words “0 to hero” on our course.Unique Skiing Proposition is the new USP.If you want this new USP in your speaking English journey, type “NEW USP” and I will let you know how to use this to your advantage. Mayur “The New USP” Soni

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