Today I want to share the 10 things that you can do to improve your speaking English.

1)   Make mistakes: The majority of people are afraid of making mistakes while speaking in English. But let me tell you there is no perfect person on this planet that doesn’t make mistakes. Mistakes prove us that we are trying to learn so it’s a positive sign of your growth. If you want to become a good English communicator I want to advise you to make more mistakes as you can.

2)   Curious: Become curious to learn English language. Make English speaking atmosphere around you. Watch good English movies with subtitles, English songs, speeches, news etc. Give at least 1 hour in a day for your curiosity of English.

3)   Have one diary: make one diary and write at least 5 new words in a day and speak them with their meaning. You can also try to form sentences by using them.

4)   Use in routine: Try to use English language in routine words. Ex. Use Hundred, clothes, travel, office, home, study etc words in routine. Replace them with your native words.

5)   Voice notes: In place of typing long messages send voice notes in whatsapp and Facebook messenger. It’s a great exercise for your fluency. Do it with your friends and relatives. It will help a lot

6)   Don’t ignore: Don’t ignore the importance of this language. Your patience will 100% pay to you. Keep learning and practicing daily.

7)   Thoughts: try to create English thoughts in your mind. For an example if you are going to a restaurant how will you call a waiter and order food in English? Etc.

8)   Don’t worry about accent: Don’t give too much focus on your English accent. You should be real whenever you do practice. Follow your natural habit of speaking.

9)  Confidence: many students ask me sir how can I improve my confidence? My answer: for confidence you have to have the proper knowledge of a particular topic on which you are going to speak. So as a beginner start from small. Improve knowledge day by day and do your best to perform. Confidence will automatically increase.  

10)   Mentorship: Take a proper mentorship to save your lot of time. Mentors have already made it possible which is impossible for you now. Their guidance can do miracles for you.

So friends these are the 10 things to improve your Speaking English. And 11th which I didn’t mention is “IMPLEMENTATION”.

Wish you Success in Speaking English


Mayur Soni

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