0 to hero theorem

Ever wondered what makes you don’t speak in English?

Most people don’t understand the formula which works behind the concept of speaking any language because lots of time and money get wasted.

If they can understand “3 elements” which are compulsory to learn any language, it would be easy for them to understand why they aren’t able to speak in English


And, today I am going to give you that power with what I call “0 to hero 3 elements theorem”.

Just like a native way to speak in English which makes a child learn any language without grammar chaos and hesitation, you’re going to use the “0 to hero 3 elements theorem” to speak like native.


Let’s understand these 3 elements one by one

1st Atmosphere

We all speak our native language very confidently. Whenever we are speaking our native language, have we ever thought about grammar?

Answer is a big NO! What is the reason? The reason is that our atmosphere! From our early childhood we had been trained in this language. Our elders programmed our mind! They indicated each and every thing to us and taught us to speak as they speak. They allowed us to make mistakes. They trained us practically by showing the things so the atmosphere played a vital role in development of our native language.

 Although we talk about English, we don’t get such an atmosphere to commit mistakes! And if we are not able to make mistakes then how can we learn? 

Conclusion is that to learn any language we need to have an atmosphere where we can commit mistakes with pride.

2nd mentorship

As our elders guided us in our native, we need someone who can guide us by considering our mistakes as a child.

Right mentorship is the key to master any language. Because right now whatever is impossible for us. They have already made it possible therefore they have the right capabilities to guide us in a proper way by saving our lots of time and converting our wrong efforts into right result oriented directions.

3rd opportunity

There are many existences of good mentors and atmospheres but if you do not get the chance then how will you take an advantage of it? Until you get the right opportunity, you will suffer! Opportunity is a key to our success. We have to find and grab the right opportunities at the right time. This is the most important element for our success.

These 3 elements correlate to each other. Let me ask you a question! Are you learning something interesting today?

If you’re able to create the above, you will get the speaking English skill, guaranteed!

That’s what “0 to hero 3 elements theorem” is all about & so far, I have only taught this as a part of my 0 to hero Online MasterClass which comes with an investment of Rs.7K.

For the first time, you can now create this “0 to hero 3 elements theorem” for you in just Rs.499/- with what I call the Success 0 to hero whatsapp class.

Over 5 days starting from Monday, you will be able to create this theorem for you

You will get Tools and Templates from which you can be able to follow this formula

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Mayur “0 to hero theorem” Soni

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